Julia Marshall grew up on a farm in Marton, New Zealand.

After ten years in New Zealand as a journalist, she worked in Sweden for 12 years at a publisher of multi-language company magazines and web communication.

Julia came back to Wellington in 2004 to set up Gecko Press and now divides her time between a high country farm in Marlborough, and Wellington.

“As a child I read anything that came my way.  I especially remember Mrs Pepperpot, Pippi Longstocking, and Daddy Long Legs.  I also read a whole row of Jill and the Pony books until my mother gently tried to steer me elsewhere. I liked tiny people, orphans and horses.”



rachel lawson

Rachel Lawson grew up by the beach in Brighton, Otago.

She has been publishing books for almost her whole working life – cookbooks, sports biographies, art books, novels, history and now children’s books. She also taught publishing students for ten years.

“I thought The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was the funniest book ever written when I was around 12. I also loved Peanuts, the mini world of The Borrowers, Mary Treadgold’s pony books, and anything about little animals: guinea pigs Olga da Polga and Jean-Pierre, and Carbonel and Gobbolino, both witch’s cats.”



Spencer Levine set up his own design studio in 2008 in Wellington. His work is largely print based with a heavy lean towards book publishing and exhibition design. An avid reader and lover of books since the age of 5, designing them is a dream come true.