Phil Jones

“Phantom Riders” Annual 2

I’m a full-time artist based in New Plymouth. I grew up intrigued by comics. I also had a love for exploring and creating spaces in the environments that surrounded me. This lead to skateboarding and eventually graffiti. I was drawn to their rebellious, creative freedom and excitement. These have been the biggest influences in my now successful muti-media art career. I’ve painted murals in many international cities and done commissions for some of New Zealand’s biggest companies. I hope to travel some more and show my daughter the world. I want to experience different cultures while painting and spreading my love for art and creativity.

I enjoy the moments life brings and embracing my current place and surroundings, especially when they contain my favourite people. I’m inspired by all kinds of creativity: thought-provoking illustration and design, music, graffiti, sculpture, clothes, architecture, and everything mother nature throws at us. 

Follow what you love. Be kind and respectful to others and the rest will somehow fall into place. Karma exists!

Be kind and awesome.