Kieran Rynhart

Illustrator of ‘Tin Girl and the Crying Time’

Kieran Rynhart is an illustrator, artist and occasional animator based in the Wellington region. Kieran discovered his love for art at a young age while cramming sketches and doodles into the margins of maths textbooks during the day, and by capturing his imagination via the medium of the felt tip pen in the evenings. In a few years the idea of being one of those “art guys” began to crystallize in his young mind. Soon this chrysalis of an idea hatched into a dream; being an artist was certainly the thing for him. As the years marched on, the love for art only grew, leading him to enrol at the Whanganui School of Computer Graphics design, from which he graduated with a degree in graphic design. During those years of study his strengths in both Illustration and animation became obvious. After a stint as a graphic designer, Kieran decided to follow his dream and took the plunge into the precarious waters known as “freelance illustration”. Through the doldrums and the storms this career promised (and delivered) nothing matched being the captain of his own ship, sailing and navigating towards his own dream of being a full time illustrator and creative.

More of Kieran's work