Trevor powell

“Blended Families” Annual 2

I come from West Auckland. When I left high school, I went to the Auckland Technology Institute (now AUT) graphic design course. I worked in the NZ Herald newspaper advertising department for a few years. This was in a time when you worked with Sable brushes and Rotring pens on a drawing board. No computers in the industry yet.

Then I went out freelancing for quite a while. I can remember the countless times I lugged an awkward folder of cardboard-mounted work round all the agencies. A popular style I did was scraper board (woodcut). All my commercial work is now digital in Photoshop, drawing directly with the Wacom tablet and pen.

The majority of my work now is for food and drink packaging in New Zealand and Australia.

As a young teenager, I liked reading science fiction. Old authors like Robert A. Heinlein, A. E. van Vogt, Larry Niven, Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, etc.

Represented by the Watermark Illustration Agency.