EllieMay Logan

Illustrator of 'Let Me Count the Ways'

I drew on things destined for the rubbish bin when I was young. The best things are free because you can change their meaning when you change their purpose. Recycling is a positive thing to do and the good news is, if you are creative, then playing is good for your brain as it makes new neural pathways, making you a rad solution maker! You can draw..or you can make a maze or you can plant a garden, its all creative!....and creativity is where we find great new ways of doing things, that make the world a more beautiful place.

As an adult I paint ink watercolours because it feels nice. I also make dioramas with recycled household objects because it's interesting. I love to mix it up and use clay, sugar.... pasta. I live in Croatia..on a rocky island. Texture inspiresme... where I walk, what I touch and make.

When I was young, I found books hard to read, because I can't read very well,....but I looked in books. I liked walking in the library because it felt like an adventure.....a labyrinth of quiet. You can make anything an adventure.....and whatever you like to do will help you in life... if it's reading, writing, talking, listening...dancing or playing sport..where ever you feel like you..that's creative..and that's where u will learn to be amazing.

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