Ben Brown

Author of Honky’

Ben Brown lives and works in Lyttelton, a scruffy little port town that clings precariously to rugged red hills, the remnants of an ancient volcano. He likes it there. It suits his demeanour, a little rough around the edges. He also likes the fact that you have to travel through a tunnel from Christchurch to get there, lending the place a kind of Shangri La aspect.

Ben is a writer. The word is his oyster so to speak. He loves oysters, freshly shucked from the shell with a squeeze of lemon and little else. Yum. Ben writes fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. He also writes and frequently performs poetry. Ben has been enamoured with the idea of story since his father threw a hard-covered edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain at him when he was ten years old. His father had a very good arm and a sharp-shooters eye. The book sconed him on the head. His father demanded he read it. So he did. The story was wonderful. The rest is history ...